Who Am I?

Welcome to my website and thanks for taking a look around. I’m Kit Eyre, a writer living in Wakefield, West Yorkshire. Yes, I’ve used a pseudonym as my writer’s name, although not for the reasons you might think. I’m perfectly happy to be personally identified with my work and I’m immensely proud of writing fiction that features lesbian characters. However, I have another ‘hat’, as it were. In my other life I’m a freelance writer and academic, so I need to keep my hats separate. Alongside this, my real name is quite common and I’d get lost within a sea of others.

Under my other name, I’ve had several short stories published, along with a few other writing successes. I also have a MA Creative Writing and a PhD (unrelated to writing). I spend my days working as a freelancer, in addition to keeping a toe dipped in academic pursuits. Fiction, though, has always been my passion, and I’ve been writing since I was 10.

Why Lesbian Fiction?

Simply put, I write stories that I want to read.

I’m not sure I appreciate the label ‘lesbian fiction’ very much. The way I explain it, I write fiction that has lesbian protagonists. The core aspects of the story aren’t usually about the character’s sexuality, although it does tie in occasionally. Yes, there’s always a romantic element to the story, but I think they’re far from traditionally romantic. You might disagree, and I’ll look forward to hearing your opinions on my work.

The Yorkshire Connection

I’m a proud Yorkshire lass and that permeates my fiction a fair bit. My work has a distinctive voice, but I think it’s accessible to all. I learned a long time ago that I’m proud of where I come from and I want to write Yorkshire-based fiction with lesbian protagonists. Now, where’s the issue with that?